Screenings and Preventions for Men’s Health Month

Screenings and Preventions for Men’s Health Month

In the 1400s, scholar Erasmus noted that “prevention is better than cure”. At Simplefill, we believe that this quote is as true today as it was then. In observance of Men’s Health Month, we’re encouraging men out there to put these words into action. Take preventative measures to nip any health issues in the bud by scheduling the following screenings.

Blood Pressure

Why? High blood pressure doesn’t have noticeable symptoms like other disorders, but triggers serious issues like heart attacks and heart disease.

How often? Annually

Urinalysis Blood Tests

Why? Blood tests help to detect diseases and health complications early on so you can get the treatment you need.

How often? Every three years for men under 40, every two years for men aged 40-49, and every year for men 50 and older

Rectal Exam

Why? This exam is the most effective method of screening for colon cancer and prostate cancer. It also detects hemorrhoids and other issues. Getting screened is indisputably the best way to guard against these diseases.

How often? Annually


Why? This is one of the most important – and most neglected – men’s health tips. Check your skin for altered pigments or moles, your testicles for lumps, and your mouth for lesions. This practice is instrumental in catching health issues and seeking treatment early on.

How often? Monthly

STD Testing

Why? It’s important to get treatment for sexually transmitted disease and provide your sexual partner with details about any issues you’re experiencing.

How often? As directed by your physician

Armed with this important men’s health information, you can make time this month to prioritize your health. A doctor’s appointment or a self-exam is a minor time commitment, but the result could save your life.

Should you detect a health complication, Simplefill will provide you with the prescription assistance necessary to access the medication you need. Pass these tips on to all of the men in your life as well to spread the knowledge of men’s health issues. You can find more health updates at our blog throughout the month.