SimpleFill Featured on The Balancing Act!

SimpleFill Featured on The Balancing Act!

SimpleFill was recently featured on The Balancing Act, a popular talk show that focuses on bringing balance to our daily lives. The Balancing Act highlights ways that viewers can better manage day-to-day tasks that might otherwise be stressful or time-consuming. One such problem for many Americans is prescription fulfillment. At SimpleFill, we make it easy to research prescription assistance solutions, find the most affordable options and enroll our members into these programs so that you can be happy, healthy, and stress-free. Watch our feature on The Balancing Act, and learn more about the SimpleFill prescription assistance program.

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The Balancing Act Segment

About SimpleFill Services

Many people require multiple life-saving medications to remain healthy. However, prescription costs are expensive, and it’s often hard to remember when each prescription needs to be filled. These two problems can be overwhelming, especially when your health is dependent on your medications.

With personalized services, SimpleFill helps to reduce the cost of prescription medications while simplifying the process:

  • We look at each patient’s situation as unique and research the best option for each individual
  • We don’t just send out generic paperwork. We help our patients apply and complete their applications for the available Prescription Assistance Programs
  • We help patients understand their options and find alternatives for expensive generic medications by researching similar brand name medications
  • We research alternative funding programs based on your illness
  • We maintain, manage and service your medications so you don’t need to worry
  • We closely monitor the health care industry to understand how the changes in the healthcare environment may affect you
  • If eligible, we enroll our patients in the Social Security Extra Help Program

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How to Apply to the SimpleFill Program

Getting started with SimpleFill is easy. Simply:

  • Complete your application. Start your application online or call 1.877.386.0206.
  • Speak with a SimpleFill team member. Within 24 hours of receiving your application, a SimpleFill team member will reach out to go over your list of medications and your level of insurance. If you’re qualified, we will enroll you in the program, and you’ll begin receiving your medication in the next three to five weeks.
  • SimpleFill begins monitoring your refills. Our team will begin to monitor and process your refills as soon as they’re due—so you don’t have to worry about missed medications.

Become a SimpleFill Member

When you become a member with SimpleFill, you can save on your medications and enjoy the convenience of an automated prescription fulfillment service. You can also expect high-quality customer service from our team, which has kept many members enrolled in our program for years. Apply to join SimpleFill today, and leave the stress of managing your medications behind.

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