How Do Prescription Coupons Work?

Savings programs and prescription coupons come about when companies negotiate discounts on bulk drug purchases with pharmacies. People in need of prescriptions can then save on medication prices by using  “prescription coupons” or mobile app provided by the savings program.

If and when you use the prescription coupon, the pharmacy then compensates the savings program. That’s the fee the pharmacy pays to the savings program in exchange for them sending a new customer. Pharmacies then benefit from a store visit, and if patient is uninsured, they sell a prescription they probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

Are Prescription Coupons Free?

Most drug savings coupons are completely free for consumers to use at most pharmacies. Patients are encouraged to compare drug and prescription prices online before filling their order regardless of whether they have insurance or not. Prescription prices and discounts can vary significantly from one pharmacy to the next.

If you do have health insurance, you should still compare your copay cost to the rate available through the prescription coupon so you can be positive you’re getting the best price possible for that drug.

Who Is Eligible for Coupons?

If you search online for “prescription coupon”, you’ll see many different offerings although they might not be for your prescription specifically. Many times the manufacturer of the drug will issue a savings prescription coupon.

Anyone can obtain a prescription coupon, regardless of whether they are insured or uninsured. Savings cards are used in place of insurance, not in conjunction with insurance.

Most prescription coupon available online can be downloaded and printed as a hard copy you can tuck in your wallet and take with you to the pharmacy. There are also many apps out there now that can be scanned at the pharmacy checkout counter.

How Much Can I Save with a Prescription Coupon?

Actual savings can vary significantly depending on the savings card and the pharmacy, but many users report saving between 20 and 90 percent using a coupon. Try shopping around to see which cards, apps or pharmacies are offering the best deals.

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