Diabetes patients know the importance of taking insulin, like Humalog, as prescribed to manage their condition. But for the millions of uninsured or under-insured Americans struggling to stay afloat financially, a new challenge arises—how to pay for the curveballs life throws at us while paying out of pocket for expensive Humalog insulin treatment. If you or someone you love has diabetes and require diabetes prescription assistance or Humalog prescription assistance, read on to learn more and see how Simplefill can help.

What does insulin do?

Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas. As we eat, the pancreas uses insulin to break down the sugar content of our foods and sends the sugar out to our cells where we use it for energy. Depending on the type of diabetes a patient has, their bodies either produce too little insulin or too much insulin. In either case, the diabetes patient must regulate his or her insulin while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. However, in many cases, diabetes patients regulate their insulin with manual injections.

Types of insulin and how they work

All diabetes patients’ bodies are different and require different levels of insulin treatment. However, there are distinct types of insulin which interact with diabetes differently.
Insulin has three distinct components or stages. Like other release-type drugs, insulin can be understood from its onset, peak time and duration. The kinds of insulin prescribed to diabetes patients depend on connecting the patient with the insulin which works best for their specific condition. Often, doctors will prescribe one kind of insulin to use in conjunction with another kind.

Rapid acting insulin is taken at mealtime to manage the blood sugar spikes that can occur after eating.

Onset: Rapid acting insulin starts to lower blood glucose after about 15 minutes.

Peak time: 30 to 90 minutes after injection.

Duration: Diabetes patients can count rapid acting insulin to lower glucose levels for 3 to 5 hours.

Short acting insulin provides flexibility around mealtime, since it lasts through meals.

Onset: It typically starts acting 30 minutes after injection.

Peak time: Within 2 to 3 hours.

Duration: Short acting insulin will function for 3 to 6 hours.

Intermediate acting insulin manages your blood sugar levels as they fluctuate overnight.

Onset: 2 to 4 hours after injection.

Peak time: Intermediate acting insulin will peak within 8 hours.

Duration: Anywhere from 12 to 18 hours.

Long acting insulin is much different than other types of insulin.

Onset: One hour to reach the bloodstream

Peak time: None

Duration: Long acting insulin will moderate your glucose levels for up to 24 hours.

Inhaled insulin is a new type of insulin first created in 2006. In its powdered form, it is delivered to the lungs via a nebulizer—similar to that of how asthmatic patients receive albuterol treatments.

Onset: 12-15 minutes

Peak time: 30 minutes

Duration: 3 hours

What is Humalog?

Humalog is insulin lispro, a fast-acting insulin which works quickly in the bloodstream. Fast acting insulin is primarily used in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients, although the manner in which it is used is much different for each type.

Type 1 diabetes patients will typically use Humalog alongside another type of insulin unless the patient has an insulin pump. For type 2 diabetes patients, Humalog is typically prescribed along with oral medication. Humalog is one of the most commonly prescribed insulin types.

Humalog Kwikpen – What you need to Know

Complete instructions on how to use the Humalog Kwikpen can be found here. There are many areas on your body where you can inject insulin. Important: change injection sites often. You can inject your dose of Humalog under the skin of your stomach area, back of upper arm, upper leg, or buttocks. Never inject Humalog into a muscle or vein. Talk to your doctor to determine what the safest injection sites are.

How can simplefill help with Humalog insulin assistance?

Simplefill is no stranger to how difficult it is for diabetes patients to receive diabetes and insulin assistance. Our goal is to make finding prescription assistance easier for you so you can focus on your health. Our dedicated advocates review all applications individually and treat each patient with the care and respect they deserve. Our team reviews and submits forms, contacts your doctor’s office, and performs grant writing on our patients’ behalf. Above all, we provide a human touch and alleviate the stress that comes with not knowing how to pay for your Humalog insulin prescription.


If you or someone you love is having a difficult time paying for insulin, apply today to see how Simplefill can help you start living well.