How to Make Better Food Choices for National Nutrition Month

How to Make Better Food Choices for National Nutrition Month

If you were to feed a plant soda instead of water and place it in darkness in place of sunshine, it wouldn’t be long before it withered away. The same can be said about how we feed ourselves. If we don’t fuel our bodies with healthy food choices, it’s hard to live our best lives. In honor of National Nutrition Month, Simplefill pulled together some ideas that can serve as a guide on how to eat better and, in return, feel better.

Embrace the ‘Everything in Moderation’ Mentality
You can have too much of a good thing but that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate it from your diet completely. Limit the amount of processed foods that you eat, and be especially mindful of snacks that contain a lot of refined sugar. Some common foods that contain a lot of hidden sugar are cereal, pastries, jams, ketchup and other condiments.

Bring Some Color to Your Plate
As a general rule, a monochromatic plate isn’t a healthy one. If you’re exploring how to eat better, one of the best rules of thumb is to try to bring a wide spectrum of colors to each meal. Integrate fruits and vegetables like carrots, greens, tomatoes, apples, bananas, oranges, and broccoli for a well-rounded and nutritious diet. The FDA offers a handy list of healthy foods that you can download for reference.

Snack Smart
An empty stomach can overpower even the most health-conscious amongst us. If you’re feeling hungry, try not to reach for just any snack food. Making healthier choices more visible can lead to better choices. Replace chips with almonds, ice cream with Greek yogurt, and pastries with granola bars. It’s also a good idea to keep travel-friendly snacks like carrot sticks, nuts, or fruits in your bag in case you get hungry while you’re out and about.

Say No to Soft Drinks
When considering how to make better food choices, beverages are of utmost importance. An average soft drink contains a whopping 180 calories and around 35 grams—that’s almost nine teaspoons—of sugar. Soft drink consumption can quickly add empty calories to your diet.

With the help of these National Nutrition Month ideas, you can make smarter choices about your health. We believe in holistic well being and good nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle. Find out more about how Simplefill assists our patients achieve their best health. You can read about other health and wellness topics at our blog.