Get Involved for National Caregiver Month

Get Involved for National Caregiver Month

Caregivers don’t put themselves first. They focus their time, their energy, and their emotional capacity on others. In honor of National Caregivers Month, Simplefill is digging into the admirable lives of these special people.

Who Are Our Caregivers?
Caregivers don’t fit one single profile. Some are caring for loved ones; others make it their profession. The National Alliance for Caregiving estimates the average caregiver is 50 years of age, and approximately 65% are women. The term “caregiver” also applies to people who aren’t making an income from their dedication: Every year, an estimated 44 million adult children provide unpaid care to parents and guardians.

Who Rely on Caregivers?
Although the need for caregiving differs vastly, some of the most common reasons that patients require a helping hand are:

  • Old age
  • Physical disability
  • Mental disability
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer

What is the Cost of Caregiving?
Caregiving is taxing. Fifty-three percent of caregivers report their occupation gives them limited time to devote to their personal lives. Family caregivers lose an average of $304,000 while caring for loved ones. Other implications include stress, depression, and health issues.

What Caregiver Resources are Available?
Caregiver support is essential to the health of people who devote their lives to the wellbeing of others. National Alliance for Caregiving offers resources for professional and family caregivers, as does Medicare and AARP.

As adult children head into middle age and support their own small children or college-aged children, they’re at a special disadvantage in caring for ailing parents. Being a caregiver is exhausting – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Simplefill exists to support these champions by providing a streamlined, accessible way to get patients the medication they need. As a leader in prescription assistance programs, our team provides affordable options for medication. We also maintain, manage and service prescriptions to ease your burden.

Caregivers are our heroes. This month, take a few moments to thank those who devote their lives to guarantee the wellbeing of others. If you’re among the ranks of caregivers, the Simplefill team salutes you–today and every day!