4 Ways Good Sleep Habits Influence Your Health

4 Ways Good Sleep Habits Influence Your Health

Feeling sluggish during the day? Chances are that your body is trying to tell you something. Getting the doctor recommended amount of sleep each night — that’s seven to eight hours for adults — is essential to your overall health. Simplefill has selected just a few ways that good sleep habits will improve your wellbeing.

Improved Weight Management
Sleep deprivation has been linked to both childhood and adult obesity. In 2008, Pediatrics released a study that found children who slept less than the doctor-recommended amount faced a 50% greater risk of grappling obesity in adulthood. When you give yourself plenty of shut-eye, you are also giving your body time to repress hunger urges. It also needs this time to “recharge” the energy needed to metabolize food at a faster rate during the day.

More Smiles
Your good mood relies on rest. A full night’s sleep reduces the risk of anxiety or depression and improves one’s state of mind. Those who don’t get enough sleep, on the other hand, run a greater risk of facing emotional disorders.

Better Immunity
Feel like you’re constantly getting hit with the cold, flu, or whatever other illness is making the rounds in your community? Your immune system might be suffering from lack of sleep. University of Helsinki took blood samples of research participants who were not getting enough shut-eye each night. They found that these patients grappled with a deteriorated immune system that contributed to inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as diabetes. Getting enough rest ensures that your body can fight illness.

A Sharp Outlook
Your brain can’t be on-duty all day. Well-rested individuals experience better brain function. University of California found that the brains in sleep-deprived adults work harder than well-rested brains, yet still suffer from reduced performance. High-level brainpower, critical thinking, and even speech are impaired when our body is running on less sleep.

If you suffer from poor sleeping habits, start making adjustments today. Join Simplefill in giving your body enough shut-eye and enjoy the benefits!