Simplefill connects Americans who are struggling to pay for the often costly prescription medications they rely on, to manage chronic diseases, with the programs and organizations offering such prescription assistance. To learn more about Rhode Island prescription assistance and how Simplefill can help you get enrolled, read below and become a Simplefill member today. 

What Prescription Assistance is Available in Rhode Island? 

Rhode Island may be a small state, but it has its share of residents who are finding it difficult to pay for the medications they rely on to manage chronic diseases such as COPD, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS.  Even people with employer-provided health insurance may not be able to afford their prescription co-pays.  Fortunately, they may be able to qualify for the prescription assistance provided by major pharmaceutical companies or for prescription coverage through a government-funded insurance plan.

The Rhode Island Rx Card is available free of charge to all Rhode Island residents and provides prescription discounts of as much as 80% on a wide range of prescription drugs at pharmacies throughout the state. If you don’t have one yet, you can visit the website and download then print a pre-activated card that you can begin using right away.

Rhode Island offers several health insurance programs for low-income residents of the state through expanded Medicaid.  RIte Care and RIte Share provide full health coverage for low-income families, children, and pregnant women through a managed care organization. Adults between the ages of 19 and 64 can be choose coverage through a Rhody Health Partners (RHP) managed care plan, while disabled individuals and those with special needs have a fee for services option (Connect Care Choice) as well as being eligible for an RHP plan.

The Rhode Island AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) gives Rhode Island residents living with HIV/AIDS access to free or very low cost AIDS-related medications. Acceptance into the program  is contingent upon meeting all eligibility requirements. 

What Does Simplefill Provide? 

Simplefill provides a quick and easy way for chronically ill Americans who are burdened by high U.S. prescription costs to gain access to prescription assistance. We raise awareness of the existence of prescription assistance and connect those who need help maintaining an uninterrupted supply of essential medications to the programs that offer that help. In doing so, we relieve some of the stress from patients and their families and help improve their quality of life.

How Does Rhode Island Prescription Assistance Work? 

The two major sources of prescription assistance help patients in different ways to people with demonstrable financial need.

Many pharmaceutical companies have set up nonprofit foundations to provide prescription assistance to chronically ill patients who depend on the medications they manufacture. Applicants who qualify for assistance typically receive their medications either free of charge or for a nominal co-pay for a specific period of time, usually six or twelve months. At the end of that time they must reapply for continued assistance.

Government-funded insurance programs provide prescription coverage for individuals and families who meet the eligibility requirements. Some programs require patients to pay a very small co-pay, while others involve no co-pay at all.

How to Get Prescription Assistance

It couldn’t be easier to access prescription assistance once you become a Simplefill member by applying online or calling us at (877) 386-0206. Within hours of applying, you’ll get a call from one of our patient advocates, who will ask you a few questions about your prescriptions, your income, and your insurance status. From that point on, we’ll handle the rest of the process.

We’ll use your responses to the patient advocate’s questions to build your Simplefill member profile, which will enable us to identify the best prescription assistance programs for your particular situation. We’ll prepare and submit your applications to those programs and take care of the enrollment paperwork when you’re approved. 

Once you’re receiving assistance, we’ll make sure you’re never without the medications you rely on to manage your chronic illness and keep it from worsening. Your treatment plan may change over time, and when it does, we’ll update your profile and connect you with prescription assistance for any new medications that have been added.

You’ll never have reason to regret becoming a Simplefill member.

Apply with Simplefill today, and you’ll soon be receiving the Rhode Island prescription assistance you need.