Simplefill is committed to helping Americans who are struggling to pay for their prescription medications by helping them find and enroll in assistance programs. Learn about our Toujeo patient assistance program, and apply today.

What Is Toujeo?

Toujeo (insulin glargine) is a long-acting form of insulin used to lower glucose or blood sugar levels in adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. It is not yet approved for use by children. As a long-acting insulin, Toujeo works steadily over a 24-hour period. It must not be used during an episode of ketoacidosis or hypoglycemia.

Toujeo is available in two disposable, pre-filled pen injector versions: Toujeo Max SoloStar and Toujeo SoloStar. This allows for flexibility should insulin dosage needs change over time.

The Toujeo Max SoloStar injector contains 900 units delivered in 2-unit increments with a maximum dose of 160 units. Toujeo SoloStar contains 450 units delivered in 1-unit increments with a maximum dose of 80 units. Trujeo also boasts the lowest injection volume compared to other long-acting insulins currently on the market.

What Does Simplefill Provide?

We are well aware of how stressful living with diabetes can be. Even people with insurance may have trouble paying for their insulin, and the uninsured or underinsured are often truly burdened by prescription costs. We aim to ease that stress by helping you get the financial assistance you need to pay for your Toujeo prescription.

Many patients are not aware of the patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies and other organizations. At Simplefill, we help our clients find the programs they qualify for, submit applications on their behalf, and get them enrolled once approved.

How Does Toujeo Work?

The hormone insulin is produced in the pancreas and facilitates the conversion of glucose into energy. When food is consumed, blood sugar levels rise, and the pancreas produces insulin, which opens cells to allow the introduction of glucose for conversion into energy. Those with diabetes, however, store too much glucose or sugar in the blood, which leads to disease.

Toujeo mimics the body’s natural production of insulin by providing a gradual release over a 24-hour period. Its adjustable injection mechanism and gradual release allow for flexible and steady insulin treatment, decreasing the likelihood of uncontrolled or poorly managed diabetes. It is important not to miss a dose or stop using Toujeo without medical supervision.

How to Get Toujeo Prescription Assistance

The first step is to apply to SImplefill online or over the phone at 1(877)386-0206. We’ll reach out to you within 24 hours to collect the information we need to identify the best Toujeo patient assistance programs for your particular situation. Once you’ve been accepted, we’ll get you enrolled right away so you can start saving money on your Toujeo prescription as soon as possible.

You can think of Simplefill as your partner, because we’ll be there for you for as long as you need our help. We’ll continue to work on your behalf by making sure that your Toujeo prescription is renewed as needed and finding you help paying for any other medications your doctor may prescribe for you.

Apply Now

It’s time to stop stressing about how to pay for your Toujeo prescription. Don’t let another day go by without seeking assistance. Apply for Simpelfill’s Toujeo prescription assistance program today.