Simplefill helps Americans who are struggling to pay for the prescription medications they need to manage diseases such as asthma. Learn more about Tezspire patient assistance programs, and enroll with Simplefill today. 

What is Tezspire?  

Tezspire (tezepelumab) is prescribed as an add-on maintenance treatment for severe asthma in adults and children aged 12 and over. It is self-administered by subcutaneous injection, with a typical dosage of 210 mg once every four weeks. This dosage is calculated to maintain steady Tezspire levels in the body and continuously manage severe asthma. 

What Does Simplefill Provide?  

Severe asthma is more than an annoyance. Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in the United States among children and adults as well. Aside from the fairly good chance of requiring emergency room or inpatient treatment, severe asthma attacks can be fatal. As Tezspire is a maintenance treatment, it’s important for patients to have an uninterrupted supply, which can be financially challenging for many. 

At Simplefill, we don’t think anyone should have to skimp or do without other necessities to pay for essential medications. That’s why we work so hard to let people know that prescription assistance is available and help them connect with programs that can help them. 

How Does Tezspire Work?  

Tezspire targets and blocks thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP), a protein that triggers pro-inflammatory cytokines. By inhibiting TSLP, Tezspire helps to calm the body’s inflammatory response, which can reduce asthma attacks and improve breathing. 

How to Get Prescription Assistance 

Your first step in getting the prescription assistance you need is to become a Simplefill member by applying online or calling us at 1(877)386-0206. Shortly thereafter, you’ll be contacted for a brief intake phone conversation with one of our patient advocates. During the call, you’ll be asked some questions about your medical, financial, and insurance circumstances.   

We’ll use the information you provide during that call to create your Simplefill member profile, which will help us identify the best Tezspire assistance programs for you. We will take care of every aspect of the application and enrollment process for you. And before you know it, you’ll be paying much less for your Tezspire prescription.  

We’ll make sure you continue to get your Tezspire at the lowest possible cost. Please let us know when there are changes to your treatment plan, and we’ll update your Simplefill member profile accordingly. If new medications have been added, we’ll find you some assistance paying for them. We’ll work on your behalf for as long as you need prescription assistance. 

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