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What Is Januvia?

Januvia (sitagliptin) is prescribed for people with type 2 diabetes to help lower their blood sugar levels. Achieving better blood sugar control can help to prevent other issues resulting from diabetes as well, including kidney damage, neuropathy, circulatory problems, possible amputations, erectile dysfunction, and blindness. Note that Januvia is not prescribed for people with type 1 diabetes.

What Does Simplefill Provide?

We know how difficult it can be to cope with a chronic disease like diabetes, not only physically and emotionally, but financially as well. It all adds up to a lot of stress you don’t need when you’re focused on managing the disease. The main thing we provide is peace of mind. When you enroll with Simplefill, we will work on your behalf to find programs that offer financial assistance for patients taking Januvia and help you get enrolled for those you qualify for. Once enrolled, you can save money on your prescription costs or even eliminate them altogether.

How Does Januvia Work?

Januvia is a DPP-4 inhibitor. DPP-4 is an enzyme that destroys the hormone incretin. Incretin helps the body regulate the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas and the amount of glucose produced by the liver. Incretin helps ensure that insulin and glucose are produced in greater quantities when they’re needed and in lesser amounts, or not at all, when they’re not needed.

Given the important role played that incretin plays in the body, being able to block the action of DPP-4 and keep it from destroying incretin is a welcome development in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Januvia is taken in tablet form once a day.

How to Get Januvia Prescription Assistance

To get Simplefill working on your behalf, simply apply online or call us at 1(877)386-0206. Within 24 hours, you’ll get a phone call from one of our advocates who will ask you some questions that will enable us to identify the Januvia assistance programs we believe you will qualify for.

Note that each program has its own approval criteria based largely on your financial situation and insurance coverage. We’ll apply to the programs you qualify for on your behalf, and if you’re approved, we’ll get you enrolled as well.

Our mission doesn’t end there. Once you’re receiving help with the cost of your Januvia prescription, we’ll continue to work with you. We’ll make sure that your Januvia prescription is renewed as needed, and we’ll make sure that any new medications your doctor prescribes are added to your prescription list so you can get help paying for them, too.

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