Simplefill connects Americans who are struggling to pay for the often costly prescription medications they rely on to manage chronic diseases with the programs and organizations offering such patient assistance. To learn more about Arizona Prescription Assistance and how Simplefill can help you get enrolled, read below and become a Simplefill member today.

What Prescription Assistance is Available in Arizona?

Prescription assistance is available for Arizona resident through several state-sponsored programs as well as programs offered by pharmaceutical companies. Patients living with chronic diseases such as COPD, diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, kidney failure, and the like have several avenues for decreasing or eliminating the out-of-pocket costs for the medications they need to take long-term.

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is a state-sponsored program (Arizona’s version of Medicaid) that helps pay medical expenses for qualifying low-income individuals and families. This may include prescription assistance for those with no other prescription coverage, such as that provided through Medicare Part D.

The Arizona Rx Card is offered to Arizona residents of any age or income level to lower the cost of both brand-name and generic prescription medications. It can save you as much as much as 80% on the cost of your prescriptions.

The Arizona AIDS Drug Assistance Program Arizona AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), administered by the Arizona Department of Health Services provides prescription assistance for HIV-infected Arizona residents who meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants must:

  • have an income that is no more than 300% of the federal poverty level,
  • have been denied eligibility for AHCCCS, and
  • be able to show proof of Arizona residency.

What Does Simplefill Provide?

Simplefill provides a way for people burdened by the high cost of maintaining an uninterrupted supply of the prescription medications they rely on to manage their chronic medical conditions to get some help paying for the drugs they need. Whether you have state-sponsored health insurance or are covered by a private plan, or have no prescription coverage at all, we’ll identify your prescription assistance options.

We know what prescription assistance programs are available in Arizona and take the legwork out of finding the right one. In many cases, the prescription assistance programs we connect Arizonans with make all the difference in achieving symptomatic relief and preventing disease progression.

How does Arizona Prescription Assistance Work?

At the very least, Arizona residents who qualify for one of the prescription assistance programs available in the state receive a substantial discount on the cost of their prescription medications. Many will get their prescription medications free of charge. When prescription benefits are awarded for only a specified period of time, patients typically can reapply at the end of that time.

How to Get Prescription Assistance

Getting the prescription assistance you need starts with becoming a Simplefill member, which is easily done by applying online or by calling us at (877)386-0206. Shortly thereafter, one of our patient advocates will call and engage you in a brief telephone interview to obtain the medical, financial, and insurance information that will enable us to build your Simplefill member profile.

We’ll then use your profile to identify the Arizona prescription assistance programs most likely to help you with the cost of the medications you need to manage your chronic disease or medical condition, whatever that may be. We’ll also do the heavy lifting to submit applications on your behalf and get you enrolled in the program(s) that accept you. We always take care of the paperwork for our members.

We’ll continue to monitor your prescription situation for as long as you are a Simplefill member, so you’ll always have the medication you need. And if your situation changes in the future, we’ll update your member profile and get you some assistance with any new medications prescribed by your health care providers. You’ll never have reason to regret becoming a Simplefill member.

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