What Is Xarelto?

Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is an anticoagulant prescribed for the treatment and prevention of blood clots in the legs (deep vein thrombosis or DVT) or in the lungs (pulmonary embolism) related to atrial fibrillation that is not caused by a problem with a heart valve. Xarelto also reduces the risk of stroke.

Xarelto is classified as a direct oral anticoagulant, or DOAC. Unlike older blood thinners that target multiple factors that lead to the formation of blood clots, Xarelto targets only one such factor, which is known as Factor Xa.

The average retail price of Xarelto is only pennies shy of $600 per month.

Where Can I Get a Xarelto Coupon?

The manufacturer of Xarelto does not offer a coupon on its website. Fortunately, there are several prescription coupon websites that offer coupons that will take a good percentage off the retail cost of Xarelto at any participating pharmacy. Download a coupon, print it, and take it with you to the pharmacy to be scanned at the counter. Or you can send the coupon to your phone or other mobile device and show it to the clerk when you fill your prescription.

Who Is Eligible for an Xarelto Coupon?

Anyone can use a Xarelto coupon as long as they have a valid prescription for Xarelto. There is no need to demonstrate financial need, and insurance status doesn’t matter either. In fact, insurance cannot be used in conjunction with a Xarelto coupon. When you visit the pharmacy, you can use either your prescription coverage or a Xarelto coupon, whichever gives you the better price, but you cannot use both together.

How Much Can I Save with an Xarelto Coupon?

The average savings with a Xarelto coupon is 15% to 25%, depending on the pharmacy and its retail price for Xarelto. Different coupons offer different discount amounts, and retail prices also vary by pharmacy, sometimes by as much as $100.

While you can’t use your prescription coverage, if you have any, at the same time as a Xarelto coupon, you may still be able to claim reimbursement from your insurance company for the amount you would have paid to fill your prescription if you had not used a coupon. You might also be given a credit toward your prescription deductible for the year if you send your receipt to your insurance company.

How Can Simplefill Help Me Save on Xarelto?

People with atrial fibrillation are more likely to have a stroke than the average person because of the tendency for blood clots to form around heart valves when the heartbeat is irregular. Atrial fibrillation patients typically are prescribed an anticoagulant or blood thinner for that reason. The increased risk of stroke and other complications associated with atrial fibrillation bring a lot of stress into the lives of patients and their families, and the added financial stress resulting from the high cost of Xarelto certainly doesn’t help.

Simplefill aims to make it easier for people with chronic medical conditions such as atrial fibrillation to maintain an uninterrupted supply of the important medications they rely on to manage their condition. The only requirement for receiving Simplefill’s assistance is to become a Simplefill member, which you can do by applying online or by calling us at 1(877)386-0206.

Enroll with Simplefill today, and you’ll soon be paying much less for your Xarelto prescription.