Simplefill is committed to helping Americans who are struggling to pay for the prescription medications they need to manage or prevent chronic medical conditions like type 2 diabetes. Continue reading to learn about our Xigduo XR patient assistance program, and apply today.

What Is Xigduo XR?

Xigduo XR (Dapagliflozin & Metformin HCL) is an extended release two-drug combination prescribed for certain adults with type 2 diabetes to prevent cardiovascular complications and lower blood glucose levels. The goal is to use Xigduo XR, along with diet and other lifestyle changes, to slow or prevent the progression from type 2 to type 1 diabetes.

Xigduo XR is taken by mouth with the first meal of the day. It is also available in a standard release form (Xigduo SR).

What Does Simplefill Provide?

Over time, type 2 diabetes can lead to type 1 diabetes, making the patient insulin-dependent and vulnerable to some serious complications such as neuropathy, vision loss, heart attack, stroke, circulation problems, and even amputations. The risks are even greater for patients already diagnosed with cardiovascular disease or who have significant risk factors for it. The uncertainty as to the future course of the disease can be very stressful for patients and their families. That stress is compounded by the financial burden of having to pay for costly medications like Xigduo XR. 

The financial stress, at least, can be alleviated through enrollment in a patient assistance program that significantly lowers the cost of Xigduo XR. Unfortunately, the existence of such programs is not widely known. That’s why we work hard to raise public awareness about patient assistance and have made it our mission to connect people who need help paying for their prescriptions and the programs and organizations that can provide it. 

How Does Xigduo XR Work?

Xigduo XR is classified as a cardio diabetic drug, which means that it addresses both the cardiovascular risks and the need to control blood glucose levels. The dapagliflozin contained in Xigduo XR reduces the risk of hospitalization for heart failure. The other drug in Xigduo XR, metformin, decreases the liver’s production of glucose, delays the absorption of glucose in the intestines, and increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

How to Get Xigduo XR Prescription Assistance

Our process for obtaining assistance with the cost of your Xigduo XR prescription couldn’t be easier. We’ve streamlined it to the point that there is no need for you to deal with any paperwork. In fact, all you need to do is:

  1. Apply for Simplefill membership either online or by calling us at 1(877)386-0206. 
  2. Provide some basic information during a brief telephone interview with one of our patient advocates.

From that point on, the ball is in our court. We will:

  • Construct your Simplefill member profile using your responses to our patient advocate’s interview questions.
  • Use your member profile to identify the Xigduo XR patient assistance programs you qualify for and are best suited to your needs.
  • Prepare and submit program applications on your behalf.
  • Get you enrolled in the best patient assistance program that accepts you.

It won’t be long before you start receiving patient assistance. We’ll make sure you continue to get help with the cost of your Xigduo XR, with no interruption in your supply of this important medication. 

Be sure to notify us of any changes that could affect your need or eligibility for Xigduo XR patient assistance. That includes changes to your medical diagnosis or prescriptions, your income, or your insurance status. We will update your member profile accordingly and begin the search for any additional patient assistance you may need.

Enroll with Simplefill today, and you’ll soon be paying much less for your Xigduo XR prescription.