Simplefill is committed to helping Americans who are struggling to pay for the prescription medications they need to manage chronic, progressive medical conditions like muscular dystrophy. Continue reading to learn about our Vyondys 53 patient assistance program, and apply today.

What Is Vyondys 53?

Vyondys 53 (golodirsen) is prescribed for the treatment of the roughly 8% of people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) who have a confirmed mutation of the gene that causes DMD. That mutation occurs in a section of human DNA called exon 53—the “53” in the medication’s name refers to the fact that the drug targets the exon 53 section of DNA. 

DMD is a progressive dystrophic disease that primarily affects males and typically is diagnosed in early childhood. It starts with a weakening of large skeletal muscles that erode the ability to walk and move the extremities. In its later stages, DMD affects the cardiac and respiratory muscles and may eventually result in acute respiratory failure.

Vyondys 53 shows some success in slowing the progression of muscle degeneration but is not a cure. It is administered by weekly intravenous infusions given by a healthcare professional.

What Does Simplefill Provide?

Until relatively recently, patients with DMD rarely survived past the teen years. Advances in cardiac and respiratory therapies have increased life expectancy for many with DMD to 30+ years. Targeted gene therapies hold some promise for extending life further and perhaps curing DMD one day. But for patients and their families, Vyondys 53’s annual cost of $300,000 or more can seem like an insurmountable barrier.

Simplefill believes that patients with incurable, ultimately fatal diseases and their families should never be denied access to potentially helpful medical treatments for lack of money. We have made it our mission to raise awareness of the prescription assistance programs that can make sure that doesn’t happen. We provide our members with hope and a better quality of life by connecting them with the prescription assistance programs that can drastically reduce the cost of the medications they need.

How Does Vyondys 53 Work?

People with DMD have a genetic mutation that prevents the production of dystrophin, a protein that acts like a cushion or shock absorber when muscles contract. Without it, muscle tissue becomes progressively weaker and damaged and is replaced by fibrous tissue and fat. This mutation is called a deletion mutation because in this small percentage of DMD patients, the dystrophin gene is missing some genetic material—material that is needed to produce functional dystrophin.

Vyondys 53 binds to exon 53, which causes exon 53 to be skipped over and allows different eons to join together within cells to produce a shorter, but functional dystrophin protein.

How to Get Vyondys 53 Prescription Assistance

Your first step is to apply for Simplefill membership online or by calling us at 1(877)386-0206. The only other thing you’ll need to do is engage in an interview by phone with one of our patient advocates. 

From that point on, the ball is in our court, and you can simply relax.

We’ll use the information you provided during the intake interview to build your Simplefill member profile, which will give us the basis for identifying the Vyondys 53 prescription assistance programs most likely to meet your needs. Then we’ll apply to those programs on your behalf and get you enrolled when you are approved.

We’ll be here for you as long as you need us. We’ll make sure you continue to receive assistance with your Vyondys 53 prescription, and we’ll get you help with any new medications prescribed for you in the months and years to come. 

Before long, you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without Simplefill.

Apply with Simplefill today, and you’ll soon be paying much less for your Vyondys 53.